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       NEW ARAI INNOVATION: From Arai's decades-long commitment to building the best helmets humanly possible comes the first Emergency Release Cheekpad Design created specifically for MX/off-road motorcycle helmets.

       Developed to allow easier access to an injured rider, the new VX-PRO3's cheekpads slide out easily via the integrated pull-tabs built into the underside of the cheekpad - which makes helmet removal much easier for trained medical technicians.


       NEW: This is Arai's first dirt helmet with our diffuser ventilation system. (It was Arai who introduced the world's first diffuser-mounted motorcycle helmet - our original RX-7 road-racing model - now one of our most-copied features.)

       The technology is an outgrowth of Arai's extensive world-class Formula-One auto-racing experience, where we learned that the best way to ventilate a helmet is to pull the hot stale air out, rather than trying to push new air in.

       The PRO3's ventilation system features a staggering total of 13 intake and exhaust vents! Two big 10mm under-peak intake ports are fed from pressure captured beneath the peak; and five 10mm exhaust ports beneath each of the two carefully-designed diffusers maximize low pressure venturi vacuum for hot air extraction. Each vent is adjustable and fully closeable. And the large diffuser bodies are easily removable/replaceable for easy cleaning and/or replacing.


       All of Arai's VX Series' dirt helmets have a unique rounded chinbar shape with less protrusion, making it less likely to catch and dig in during a spill than most other designs. The overall oval form takes its cue from that of the egg, which has long been known to be an extremely-strong and efficient shape.



       NEW: The VX-PROł has been redesigned with an additional 11mm of forward tilt in the upper chinbar nose area, giving you more room and a more open feeling. The length and radius of the chinbar are unchanged, retaining the VX-Series' minimized protrusion.


       These days, there are almost as many "revolutionary" shell-construction materials as there are helmet brands. But Arai's decades of experience, research, testing and evaluation has led our engineers to conclude that fiberglass- based construction does the best job of performing a motorcycle-helmet shell's main job - spreading and dissipating impact energy through strength, structural integrity and impact-flexibility.

       The PRO3's clc (Complex Laminate Construction) shell utilizes Arai's proprietary aerospace fiberglass technology to achieve a strong, flexible shell in a lightweight package.


       NEW: The PROł's radical new peak scavenges and forces more air into the forehead vent-ports for improved cooling, while at the same time using multiple relief-ports to reduce "bucketing" at higher speeds. (Under-peak "forehead" vent-ports are another much-copied Arai innovation.)


       NEW: A one-piece, stamp-formed, stainless-steel expanded-mesh screen provides a durable barrier against roost while minimizing mud-packing. The closeable chinbar vent gate, introduced on the VX-PRO-(DC), allows control of airflow into the chin area. And it can be easily removed and replaced if desired.


       The head comfort liner and cheekpads are fully-removable, washable and replaceable. They use Arai's exclusive Dry-Cool® material for superior heat transfer and drying time - making washing or swapping liners between motos a snap. A removable/washable/replaceable chinstrap cover completes Arai's total package of interior washability.

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